George Dean

George Dean – A Cult Classic


George is a Jack-of-all trades and runs this show. He’s had a long time presence in the RGV’s music and art scene. Excels at the internet.

Elbee Bargeron

Elbee Bargeron – Copy Editor


Transplanted from Tennessee to the RGV in April 2015, Elbee still wonders why 70 degrees is considered “cold weather.” She’s getting used to the heat, though, one chamoyada at a time.

Andrew Bargeron

Andrew Bargeron – Art Director


For decades, Andrew has killed it in the world of illustration and graphic design (check out his skills at – and even on this site!). Here at OME!, Andrew wields another mighty talent at creating, recording, and editing our podcasts. In his spare time (what spare time?!), Andrew enjoys making up silly songs to sing to his cat and dog.

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Lori Balli

Trae Valdez

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