Dayglow paints the Valley

DayGlow Flyer
Dayglow Flyer

Finding new and fascinating things to experience in the the Valley can be a daunting task.  Once in awhile, however, something comes along that builds up so much hype that it goes from being a trending topic on your twitter to a full blown viral event in the Valley. The Dayglow Summer Tour is one of those events that promises to live up to and deliver on said hype.  GlobalGroove – the people who brought you Deadmau5, the Ultimate Music Experience featuring Tiesto, Avicii and Skrillex – now bring us this one-of-a-kind event dubbed: “THE WORLD’S BIGGEST PAINT PARTY”.

Although it is touted as a ‘paint party’, there will be no water-color enthusiasts crowded around easels at this event. It’s hard to explain a concept like Dayglow. In short, there are world famous DJs mixing while a massive throng of fans clad in all-white dance to the tunes and throw paint on each other; there are acrobats flipping and gyrating, lights, lasers, and paint cannons.  Definitely no easels or Bob Ross fans. Unless Bob Ross has fans who like to “go hard in the mothefucking paint”. I, for one, couldn’t wait to be submerged.

I went to the source to find out more about this soon-to-be sold-out party experience. Frank Salinas is a mild-mannered valley native who made the decision that, rather than join the ranks of all the naysayers who constantly point out the bad, he was going to be one of the people trying to make a positive change around here instead. At 27, he is the promoter for Global Groove Events and is also partially responsible for introducing the Valley to high-caliber artists such as Kaskade, Morgan Page, UME (Ultimate Music Experience) with Afrojack, Markus Shulz, Far East Movement, Paul Van Dyk and Above and Beyond – just to name a few.  Frank, sporting a badass vintage Deftones t-shirt, claims to listen to everything from the artists in this genre to Bon Iver, Prince, and sometimes, even Selena – depending on his mood. He describes himself as somewhat of a jack-of-all-trades at Global Groove; he takes control of ticketing, press releases, manages a street team of over 50 people who help market Global Groove event, and he sometimes even provides the artwork on flyers for the shows.

As someone directly involved with DayGlow, perhaps you can elaborate a bit about what it is exactly?
Dayglow is mix of Cirque du Soleil and Electric Daisy Carnival. Simple as that. It will take place on July 4th on the parking lot of the State Farm Arena. VIP tickets will include a Dayglow party bag. Inside your bag you will find exclusive Dayglow items such as a backpack, an I-Go-Hard-on-the-Paint dogtag, the official Dayglow Life-in-Color Summer Tour soundtrack, white sunglasses, and your very own paint.

What can we expect from this experience?
We definitely don’t want to give everything away but besides the lights, the dayglow dancers, the music and the paint, there will be surprises!

What should attendees leave at home?
No glow sticks will be allowed. You might not want to bring along your nice cameras. It is a paint party.

What should attendees bring with them? Can they take cigarettes, for example?
They can take cigarettes. They can take  balloons.  Bring a positive attitude and just be ready to have a good time.

What does one wear to a paint party? Should we really wear all white?
Wearing all white is encouraged only because it will add to your Dayglow experience.

Are Global Groove events 21 and over?
All our shows, with the exception of one or two, are all ages.  Whether you’re 4 or 70, you can still enjoy our shows and we strive to keep it that way.

So just to recap,


  • Wear white! Trust us on this.
  • Don’t bring your nice things to this. Unless you like them splattered with non-toxic neon paint… leave your Marc Jacobs at home.
  • Two words: Disposable camera
  • you will be patted down at the entrance.  Pack lightly, please.
  • Hydrate.

Miami, Chicago, New York, Las Vegas… Why the hell is the Dayglow tour making a stop here in Hidalgo, TX?
The Valley is ready for something different.  The Valley is becoming a little more cultured.  Maybe it’s through the internet, but young people are more susceptible to new things.  It’s just time for something new. People from out-of-town call South Padre Island the new Ibiza.

Yes. Pete Tong on the BBC radio in England talked about South Padre Island.  Did I ever think that would happen?  Definitely not. We are getting notoriety.  One of the few videos that Tiesto posted on his In-the-Booth series was taken from South Padre Island.  Every single artist that we have brought here has always said they want to come back.

What can we expect from Global Groove in the future?
Coming up we have the Isla del Sol Festival and featured artists will be announced at Dayglow.  I can say that starting September until the end of next year we will have concerts that people will not believe.  So stay tuned.

Dayglow is a phenomenon.  In a nutshell, DayGlow is what you would get if you mixed unicorns, rainbows, confetti, and house music in a blender and shot it out of a cannon onto delighted 20-somethings in a field. The point is to have fun and to immerse your senses in an experience where sight and sound fuse together to create a unique experience for everyone lucky enough to be present.

What started out as a local event in 2006 at a Florida college has now become a machine capable of selling out massive stadiums and arenas in the biggest cities in the US and, as of 2010, the world.  Thousands of the world’s youth – in fact 4,300 of them – flocked to Cancun on Spring Break to party with paint while David Solano spun his breed of progressive/house anthems, as did the Techno Mexicano duo Alan & Passhe. New York, Miami, Chicago, Cancun and now… Hidalgo, TX.

July 4th, DayGlow tour makes a stop at the State Farm Arena in Hidalgo, TX.  Show up early, tickets say “camping welcome” (starts 8pm until 2am).

The world-famous, Dutch trance music DJ Sander Van Doorn will be the featured artist, meaning he will be the last one to take the stage.  Sander Van Doorn is a successful producer and DJ that consistently headlines for huge electronic music festivals including the Electric Daisy Carnival in Vegas, Mysteryland in Amsterdam, and Global Gathering in the UK to name a few.  Many a fist have been, and will continue to be pumped to this mixing genius.

His summer tour kicked off in Ibiza, Spain and was followed by stops in Canada, LA, San Diego, Hidalgo, TX (woo!); then he makes an appearance in Las Vegas just before leaving for Montenegro.
His syndicated radio show on SiriusXM, Identity is broadcast twice a week and reaches an audience of over 10 million worldwide listeners.
Oh, did I mention that he also happens to be easy on the eyes. Hey now!

David Solano and Kevin Focus will also have sets. Now let’s go have a bitchin’ time!


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