Galax Z Fair: Of Montreal March 14 2012


Maybe this is just one more in a long line of indications that the end is quickly approaching us. As 2012 rapidly congeals into existence at the end of this month’s merriment, what can we look forward to? In case you still haven’t heard the news, Of Montreal is coming to the valley! Yes, it is confirmed, and yes it will be all kinds of radical.

Ouch, My Ego! has joined forces with Galax Z Bear to give you: Galax Z Fair. And no… there will be nothing moderately mediocre about this affair. If you think Of Montreal is all we have lined up, you are sorely mistaken. Galax Z Fair will feature so many great acts from all over the USA, including the best local acts in the area. Some people might say… never never never would the valley be host to something like this. The valley is no novice when it comes to bringing down mainstream acts like Los Lonely Boys, Metallica, Aerosmith, and many others however, this will be a Valley first for bringing down a band with such alt/indie appeal.

Some of you may wonder who is Of Montreal and why should we even care.

I’ve been a fan of Of Montreal back since the late 90s/early2000’s back when they were part of the Elephant 6 Recording Collective. If i had to say one thing about them, it is that they are prevalent creators that consistently push music into a realm of art. Scope them out, they are a live act, not to be missed!



Pre-early bird special tickets are available now! Tickets will be in short supply and in high demand, so once they go up, get yours before they are gone! Regular pre-sale tickets will be available starting on friday!

Buy your tickets now! <3


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