Grouper's FACT Mix



I feel like I’m floating on a lazy river, but like 200 years ago and I’m slightly depressed — the kind of depressed you get from watching a sad movie, not from a horrible tear-stricken breakup. It’s actually pretty unbelievable that Grouper’s FACT mix was released on Monday, since it sounds so much like a piece by Domenico Gabrielli, a Baroque composer. I may not have a river to float on, but the mix does fit in well with heavy literature (I read Mark Z. Daniekewski’s “House of Leaves”) and a glass of Disaronno.


Grouper’s latest release The Man Who Died in His Boat is a sad adventure to the tune of ambient-folk. Clearly, Grouper, a solo project by Liz Harris of Portland, is defining her own genre. She started her road to fame in the world of drone with her Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill (album titles are no less than dismal), which landed many spots on top album lists, including No. 2 on Gorilla vs. Bear’s top albums of 2008. Just think of it as late night driving/reflecting music.

Check out the mix .

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