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What do you get when cool Costa Rican residents with a love for early ’90s noise-pop pick up instruments and start a band? You get an awesome lady led group called Las Robertas.

Las Robertas are much more than their girl power moniker though. They are globe-trotters with some serious musical knowledge and rebels fronting an artistic revolution in Costa Rica.

The ladies talk to OME! about their new album, cross dressing ex-band member, and music (of course).

Q: You’ve said in interviews before that you think it’s cool to inspire other girls to go into music. Which females inspired you to start a band?

Yeah, in terms of music we ADORE Kim Deal. She’s the boss, but then there are so many inspiring figures such as Pam Berry, Jeanette, Françoise Hardy, Stevie Nicks, Patti Smith, Selena and the list goes on and on.

Q: You’ve played concerts all over the United States and Europe by now, what were your most memorable experiences while touring and why?

We absolutely love Mexico, every single show we’ve played outside Costa Rica has been great, but when you travel somewhere in Latin America, the experience is different. Mexico is so awesome; everyone should play it if they have a chance.

Q: You have jokingly called yourself an all-girl band after releasing some press pictures where your (male) drummer Franco is made up like a girl. Whose idea was that? Was it hard to keep a straight face when taking pictures or was he just a natural in that cute dress?

Yes! That was Franco’s idea, actually, when we started to play, he was like ‘if I play in the band, you guys have to allow me to dress up’, it was hilarious, his/her name was ‘Ana Maria’ he dressed up when he felt like doing it. Now we have a new drummer, Fabrizio, who’s one of our best friends.

Q: You’ve said you worked to make this upcoming album sound different from the last [Cry Out Loud]. What kind of sounds can we expect on this new album?

We’ve all grown up, so as our music. It’s definitely less sunny/beachy. Songs are darker, some faster. It’s quite different; we always keep on the pop on our sides though.

Q: When is its release date and where can we buy it?

We don’t have a release date yet! The plan is to release it in Mexico first. We’d love to put it out like since yesterday…

Q: Your previous album visited themes like death and ghosts. What themes came up in this new album and why?


This record also has themes of death and ghosts too. I think we like them way too much? But yeah, mostly death and some heartbreak, as usual.

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Q: What other artistic projects do you have going on?

Well Franco is no longer playing with us, but he plays in Zopilot and Monte, Monse only plays in Las Robertas and Fabrizio (our current drummer) plays in Los Cuchillos and Niño Koi. You can look them all up on Facebook, they all have links for listening/downloading and they are all awesome.

Q: What other bands from Costa Rica would you recommend people check out?

Well Monte definitely (they are killing it), Ave Negra (duh!), Niño Koi (they’re awesomee and they know how to kill it), Los Cuchillos (Surf/Garage/Psychobilly kings), Seka (we used to go to their shows since we were 15).

Q: What do you expect of your first concert/visit in McAllen?

We always try to go to places without expecting things and it definitely works, you always get surprised. But we’re super psyched for this show since great bands are playing!

Q: What other bands on the Galax Z Fair line up are you looking forward to seeing/meeting/hanging out with?

We don’t know most of the bands who are playing but we like Bleached, Mac de Marco, Audacity, Nu Sensae and of course, Ave Negra.

Las Robertas and fellow Costa Rica residents Ave Negra are part of the GZF II line up. Be sure to check them out you won’t be disappointed.

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