Spinning yarn with White Rabbits


White Rabbits will be making their McAllen Texas debut tonight, Thursday, April 28th at Cine El Rey. The Young Maths, along with Petrock, will be opening for the Brooklyn sextet. Originally from Columbia Missouri, the band formed its current lineup of Greg Roberts, Stephen Patterson, Alex Even, Brian Betancourt, Matt Clark, and Jaime Levinson after moving to Brooklyn, New York.

George Dean had the opportunity to rub elbows and spin some yarn with Levinson, drummer of the White Rabbits.

Levinson doesn’t credit any special talent or blend of fate for the band’s successes. When asked what factors had brought about the group’s perseverance, he stated “What else would any of us do? We all love music: making it, performing it.”

This is not to say that they have an idyllic view of their craft, all savoir-faire and rock-star charisma. “You know, we take music seriously; it’s a creative job. Having a serious job and making it fun and creative arent mutually exclusive of each other.”

The band has travelled quite a bit, and has played at many venues. For Levinson, the most memorable experience was “Wembley Stadium in London. We felt real out of sorts, we were asked by Muse to open up for them and any excuse to be at Wembley Stadium is a good one. We were taken aback by the breadth and largeness of it all. You speak into the mike and the sound was just amazing.”

Of course, touring in other countries is not without its consequences. “Well, the food isn’t as good (haha!), the fans are pretty much the same, and of course the time difference always messes you up.”

He adds, “But I don’t really see too much of a difference other than that. Everyone loves the music, us, the fans, everyone.”

Speaking of his fans, Levinson did not share with Dean any crazy fan stories, but spoke of them respectfully, “all our fans have been really great and chill”.

Let’s hope the RGV doesn’t disappoint tonight at Cine El Rey.

-Chris Out.

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White Rabbits: Percussion Gun

The Young Maths:

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