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Happy soon-to-be-Thanksgiving, creepazoids and monster kids! On this episode, we take a look at a hidden gem of a slasher film, 1987’s Blood Rage.


Although we watch them, we’re not the biggest slasher fans. Honestly, we’d rather cozy up with a nice old fashioned ghost story or creature feature than subject ourselves to crazy gore and “kills”. But we watch them nonetheless just to try and find a good one and Blood Rage is surprisingly quite enjoyable!


The story centers around a couple of twin brothers, who, as children, accompany their mom and her beau to the local drive-in theater. One of the brothers takes a turn toward the deranged, and massacres some movie-goers with a hatchet he pulls out of a truck bed. He then puts the deadly instrument in his shocked brother’s hand and calls out that he did it! The wrongly accused twin is so out of it that he doesn’t remember being set up, and he is sent to live in a mental institution. As he grows into adulthood, he begins to remember that he’s not the evil twin, and escapes the asylum to spend Thanksgiving home with his family. And you can only imagine the mayhem that ensues!


This film is very interesting, and weird, and dare we say, delightful. The lead actors (Mark Soper, Louise Lasser) both command their performances in a way that keep you really wanting to know what’s going to happen next.


Click below to hear our full review of Blood Rage, and remember, “that’s not cranberry sauce!”

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