Vincent Price's Laugh

Vincent Price's Laugh

Vincent Price’s Laugh is a podcast hosted by your favorite monster creeps, Elbee & Andrew. Join them for fun-filled analysis and discussion of not only Vincent Price movies, but a plethora of films in the realm of horror/scifi.

VPL Shadow People


Elbee and Andrew don't just enjoy the occasional spooky movie, they often pursue stories of strange happenings from around the world. Here, a little film called Shadow People serves as this episode's that covers a phenomenon that may even hit a little close to home.

HARBINGER DOWN In today's sci-fi/horror climate, there is a dire lack of practical FX driven films. Age old classics, such as John Carpenter's The THING, and The Blob '88 relied almost exclusively on practical FX (with sometimes more than a...

THE WITCH Andrew and Elbee: At the movies! Listen as they put in their two cents on what could be the most important horror movie of 2016: The Witch!  

THE MONSTER CLUB You may be surprised to find out that Monsters have their own secret nightclub, where they're free to dance, scream, and sip on fine sangria with host Vincent Price. Join Monster Club card-carrying members...