And the award goes to…

ICONS 2012 Awards
I came to ICONS and won! And I never win shit!

Ouch, My Ego! and Hopsonic Radio are happy to announce our line of fun and funky awards designed around this summer’s ICONS dance parties. If you got the moves threads and creativity then we have an award with your name on it, like this guy right here. —>

There are two more events left so be sure to attend for a chance to win free tickets to upcoming shows, gift certificates from local business and free booze.

Awards to be given out to some lucky funkster July 19.
Items in bold are updates

The Polyester Pimp
This award goes out to the person sporting the fliest polyester outfit.

Make Like James Brown n’ Split
This award goes to the individual that can do the split better than the godfather of soul himself, James Brown.

The Bulletproof Afro
This award goes out to the individual with the funkiest of ‘fros.

The Funky Facilitator
This award goes to the individual that spends the most time on the dance floor motivating the crowd throughout the night.

Funky Dance-Off Champions
This awards goes to the couple with freshest moves during the ICONS dance-a-thon challenge.

Be sure to attend for your chance to win. For more info visit the official ICONS site.

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