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Beard rubs from yours truly.
Beard rubs from yours truly.

After lovingly caressing my epic beard for so long, I finally decided to take a break from deep meditation and give all you bellyachers another chance. That’s right, Ouch, My Ego! is BACK and I’m ready to rip the Nivea-laden skin off your faces with my mighty bristles! Face rubs anyone?

Ouch, My Ego! (OME) started as a small self-published ‘zine back in 2004 (shout out to CopyZone!), but now has a large team to help the project along. We’re all working hard because we’re tired of seeing the same kind of ‘valley mag’. OME is something different, something organic.

Let’s get down to business. Ouch, My Ego! strives to support and highlight local talent in all its forms. Have a voice? Want to be heard? Speak up! OME needs writers, ranters, authors, comic artists, shouters, critics, whiners, the graphically talented, artists, iconoclasts, and all manner of townsfolk in order to make this the best thing since Shipley’s Do-Nuts.

OME exists solely for the community it serves. After all, without this artistic community, we’d be stuck reading each other’s long winded monologues about how suffering is meaningless. Damn, does that get BO-RING. PLEASE spare us and contribute to the ‘zine. We accept all manner of work: rants, editorials, opinion pieces, poems, reviews, photography, artwork, comics, and input in all its variants… even the elusive “outsider art,” whatever the heck that is.

So chop, chop! Get to gettin’! If you want to submit anything for the ‘zine, or even give us a piece of your mind drop us a line.

Now for the weekend round up. Every Thursday or Friday, well do our darnedest to keep you in the know of the coolest things to check out every weekend. This weekend is JAM packed with fun. Hope to see y’all around!

The biggest party in town is by far the Air Waves show happening at Ambrosia on Saturday. Ambrosia itself is legit but, bros, you’re gonna be in a daze with all the crazy melodies being wafted over you. So who the heck is Air Waves?!

My buddy at tigersblood.org said it best.
[box type=”shadow”]”Air Waves is a female fronted three piece out of Brooklyn who’s intelligent, traditional, and tender songwriting  has garnered the attention from massive music blogs like Pitchfork and Gorillavsbear (made the top list for best songs of 2010) to more underground music blogs like The Photon God.  What’s important to note is that Air Waves is catching the attention of picky and meticulous music connoseiurs.”[/box]

Oh… that not good enough? We’ve got awesome local talent representing that night too! This will be the 1st time Sick/Sea will be playing! Sick/Sea were the band formerly known as Arrgh!drey. Their music is tight yo. check them out. warming the stage up for the beauty that is Sick/Sea and the awesome that is air waves will be Jungle Bodies. this will be jungle bodies debut! so come on erryone! come out and chill out with me and the gang and most importantly get exposed to some good melodiez.


Give it a listen 😀

Air Waves
Air Waves


Jungle Bodies
Jungle Bodies

Too busy? not yo thang? Theres more to do!

Theres a badass skating and bboy thing going on here im totally showing for this. you should too.: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=202408996441093

And then theres that radical market day at roosevelts, on saturday around noonish? I dunno.

Peace out. you should totally like us!

What do you want us to be?

OME is very sensitive to our audience, this is an independent and collaborative publication and blog, so speak up! Hit the comments and describe your utopia of a project!


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