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Amber Zuniga goes by the name of 4rt f4rt and despite being a mere 18 years of age, is already making waves in our local art scene. When you look at her art they are reminiscent of Super Jail and also has some slight flavorings of her favorite artist, Ohara Hale mixed in. Her work will be featured at the Galax Z Fair this coming March 11.
Below is a Q and A with the artists.

Q:What is your favorite 3rd generation Pokemon?
A: This might seem horrific to some, but I actually don’t like any of the generation III Pokemon. I am forever faithful to generation I and II. My absolute favorite Suicune.

Q: Where did your style of artistic talents stem from?
A:My butt (really though, it might’ve been either a hereditary thing-because my dad was a wonderful artist-OR it could have been a result of many dreadfully long years living in the middle of nowhere as a kid whose only friends were crayons and paper).

Q:What is your favorite, or one of your favorite bands?
A:This is actually a really tough question. I have three all time favorite bands: The Killers, My Chemical Romance, and Circa Survive.

Q: Who is your favorite artist?
A:Ohara Hale. She has a neat whimsical and childlike style that never fails to bore me. I can stare at her work for hours.

Q: As a child, what were some “fun” activities you liked to do?
A: I used to play with huge, live beetles, catch grasshoppers, dig for earthworms, eat rocks, make mud pies, paint, and absolutely lose my shit when my dad would take me with him to work because I loved the musky smell of the old walls, and intently observing the students in his classroom.

Q: Rumors say that you have a crush on Galax Z Bear, is this true?
A: cannot deny my unnatural affection for this bear. He is simply the most gracious, philosophical, and poetic of all creatures. He certainly knows how to get them honeys.

Q: Do you have any pets? If yes, what are his/her name and what kind of animal are they? If no, do you like pets, if so, what kind?
A:I have a handsome syrian short-haired hamster I call Charlie (Charles when he’s done something atrocious). However, if I could, I’d own a majestic white horse and call it Pegasus and feed him only the finest of waffles.

Q: Do you have any information you would like us to know about?
A:I’ve heard chicken and waffles is a most splendid experience for the taste buds and I would like to hop on that bus someday. In fact, tell your mothers-we’ll share the experience together. Or not. That’s kind of weird.

Galax Z Fair is approaching just around the corner and I’m sure you want to know some sweet gossip just recently discovered about artist 4RT F4RT, Amber Zuñiga, whose art will be displayed at the festival.


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