RGV Female Artists take FLIGHT at The Sound Factory


Feminism is a concept that evokes many different reactions.  It seems everyone has an opinion about the study of, and ongoing plight for, equality among men and women.  Like many issues, it is not a matter of right or wrong or black and white.  There is a huge grey area that involves a plethora of stances on the issue, including the domestic life of women, the reclaiming of “feminine” sentimentality, and the abolishment of gender roles in society. There are feminist activists, feminist pacifists, and even the ever growing and more aware role of the male feminists.

It is an undeniable fact that we are still a long way from achieving total socio-economic equality. In the Rio Grande Valley alone we deal with the dichotomy of a diversifying population versus a cultural identity that perpetuates a conservative and outdated attitude towards women.  That being said, not everyone feels the pangs and pricks of the regional ecology.

Flight puts forth the effort to explore the individual experiences of female artists in the Rio Grande Valley, whether they align themselves with the feminist movement or not.  That title does nothing to take away from the accomplishments achieved and obstacles overcome by any of these ladies.  It’s hard enough for artists to exist in an area where the arts have yet to achieve a strong and established presence.  Funding at the university level leaves more to be desired and the art market here isn’t quite strong enough to quit your “day job” for.  Quite often, artists give up and settle on the next best lot in life.  These difficulties along with the social and cultural pressures women have to endure and face on a daily basis make it even more impressive that, despite these setbacks,  these women are still committed to expressing themselves and are consistently creating brilliant works of art and music.  This show is a celebration of that perseverance and dedication.

Flight: An Introspective Look at the Female Artist of the RGV will happen on April 25th at the Sound Factory.

This article was written by Xavier Castillo.


Check out a short gallery of the promotional images created for this show!


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