Getting naked with Casey Anthony


Everyone likes to get naked, right? Apparently not. Not even with hot body champ Casey Anthony.

In the wake of the Casey Anthony trial media freakshow, America is angry. Get fucking angry America.

The fact that Casey Anthony will soon get out of prison on July 17 with a trial that was shorter than the actual search for her daughter Caylee Anthony should piss anyone off. She lied, she manipulated. She is not a good person, that nasty Casey Anthony.

The fact that there may be profit from her daughter’s death, whether it’s her or one of her lawyers, is wrong.

But what is constantly being ignored in this case, and just about everywhere else, is the naked truth.

The very naked truth of the world is that life isn’t fair.

You won’t hear very many people say that because a) that doesn’t occur to them or b) it’s seems to undermine the perception of credibility.

It would get old to hear that in the news everyday anyway.

But nonetheless, let’s take a look at some of the other truths from the Casey Anthony case.

The truth is prosecutors may have done well to pursue charges based on the evidence.

Not charges based on the gut wrenching implications of a shitty “bella vita” tattoo, a hot body contest and a heart shaped sticker stuck to duct tape found on the decayed remains of the innocent toddler.

The truth is evidence in the case presented by the State of Florida did not prove murder.
It’s called forensic evidence. People are NOT “gutless” for choosing to obey the law and hold the state to the burden of proof it must meet. That’s what protects your freedom in a court of law, dumbass.

The truth is much of the media has chosen to masquerade opinion as fact.
In this case, in politics – everywhere, really – the line between opinion and fact has become heavily, and damagingly blurred. In fact, the media can’t ignore a case like this; dissecting it and repacking it over and over and inflaming idiots who have no business becoming enraged to the point of death threats against the Anthony family.

I don’t see anything wrong with leaving your porch light on though. Not something I’d do because it’s a waste of electricity, but more power to you if it makes you feel better.

Don’t forget to leave it on for the other thousands of kids who die each year as a result of abuse or neglect.

The truth is the Caylee Anthony case got so much national attention because it was long and painfully drawn out and it involved her mother and other disgusting accusations like family incest.

Does anyone remember Brownsville’s own John Allen Rubio. Decapitated three kids, one whose head he actually RIPPED OFF, in 2003. Did that case get this much national media attention? No. He was a man and the case was much more open and shut, even if there was a re-trial.

The truth is that the Casey Anthony trial showed how men and women are still treated so vastly different by society.

Casey Anthony was such a ‘slutty’ woman it became criminal, especially worse because she was a mother to a cute kid. Now be honest with yourself and ask how different this would’ve been if Casey Anthony was a man and a father.

Now consider race too.

The truth is, whether young Caylee drowned, or she was murdered, either one is the result of the terrible negligence of a parent.

Perhaps it’s not a terrible idea to have “Caylee’s Law,” which would make it a felony if a parent or guardian fails to report a child’s disappearance to law enforcement.

Here in the Rio Grande Valley, we’ve had a rash of children dying recently because of parent negligence. The kids were left in hot cars, drank gasoline or fell and drowned. They were all found too late just like Caylee.

Certainly, there are different levels of negligence, but when you think of Casey Anthony it’s easy to think of all the negligent parents you ever read about or seen on TV.

The saddest, simplest truth of all this is that Caylee Anthony shouldn’t be dead.

But she is and her mother was found not guilty of her murder.

After the trial State Attorney Lawson Lamar said to the Orlando Sentinel: “Criminal justice has worked. We did our job. The jury did their job. This is justice in America.”

If you have a better idea about justice in America email me. I will be sure to pass it on to President Obama.


  1. This is exactly what I’ve told people when I’d hear them yammer about how unfair it is, and how a murderer got away and blah blah blah.
    I loved, LOVED, your comment: “The truth is evidence in the case presented by the State of Florida did not prove murder. It’s called forensic evidence. People are NOT “gutless” for choosing to obey the law and hold the state to the burden of proof it must meet. That’s what protects your freedom in a court of law, dumbass.”
    Mind if I use that line verbatim next time someone whines about someone getting away with murder?
    I live in Austin now, but I’m originally from Pharr. Nice to see common sense still resides down there….cuz it doesn’t here.
    Good work.

    • Hey Jef! Feel free to use that line. What’s mine is yours. Thanks for reading! Some background: I’m a Valley transplant by way of far West Texas, so maybe that explains my common sense. Austin isn’t my favorite Texas city either, haha.

      Let us unite and spread common sense throughout the planet via OME! Onward! :]


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