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What do you get when you mix zombies, dinosaurs, neon colors and witty typography? Before the Never Say Never Arts Festival in Mission, Texas, I never would have known the answer to that question. It was until I walked past one of the most artistic displays along the merchandise booths that I found myself inquiring on this eye-catching fashion phenomenon. Upon introducing myself and commenting on their admirable work, I was connected with Radames Rosado, the vice-president of Selfless Murder Clothing. After speaking for a few minutes, I was interested in knowing more about this clothing company and their views on South Texas. What would follow would be an Ouch, My Ego! Magazine exceptional interview with Rad on their East Coast beginnings, where they see themselves in the future and some tips for the local fashion designer that secretly wants to start their own line.

Cynthia: Hello everyone! This is Cynthia with Ouch, My Ego! Magazine interviewing…

Rad: Rad from Selfless Murder Clothing and the band Love Like Rockets.

Cynthia: Okay, the first question is, how was Selfless Murder started?

Rad: We started in 2007 in New York. A friend of mine started it, and we were both in separate bands at the time. Eventually those bands broke up after one or two tours, which is not uncommon for some bands to do. Like I said before, he started the company and I came along after that to help him out with it.  I just kinda grew into it, and I own half of it now. We’ve been pushing from that point ever since.

Cynthia: What tours have you been a part of?

Rad: We’ve been on Vans Warped Tour, Surf and Skate…when Surf and Skate was around, Taste of Chaos to name a few. We’ve pumped it up from only doing half the tour to doing full tours, and now we are trying to do as many festivals as we can to pay the bills too, I guess.

We both laugh in agreement.

Cynthia: Yeah, I can totally see that.  It’s a very tough job.

Rad: It’s not just running around like a bunch of kids anymore. IT does become something that you have to take care of, kinda like a child.

Cynthia: I can see how it would be that way. In fact, I know that you guys ship here in the U.S., but do you also ship worldwide?

Rad: Surprisingly, yes. It’s really funny, but we have a lot of buyers for the clothing line in Australia. The bulk of our overseas online sales seem to be coming from there. I have talked it over with the guys and I would really, really like to go and take the company out there just to meet the people. Besides the fact that it’s beautiful, and I don’t care if there are Great White sharks in the water. I’m still gonna go swimming. It just has to be done, you know?

Cynthia: That does sound like an amazing idea. Well, going out there and meeting the people. I don’t know about swimming with the sharks.

We both laugh.

Cynthia: (cont.) I hear The Great Barrier Reef is pretty amazing though.

Rad: Oh yeah! I’ve heard of that place.

Cynthia: So, are there any other places?

Rad: I know we get a few from England…I don’t know about Japan. Japan is like my second most favorite place in the world.

Cynthia: My sister was stationed in Osaka, and I hear it’s a pretty cool place to visit.  Would you like to do any festivals in any of those places overseas?

Rad: Well, we’re trying to be a part of Soundwave.

Cynthia: I’ve heard of that! It’s a wonderful festival in Australia. That would be such a great idea.

Rad: Even though I know it’s very difficult I would like to try. From what I hear it’s a really great series of shows in Australia. It’s a rigorous tour with bands ranging from big to small, but I would definitely want to do it.

Cynthia: That sounds like an awesome goal. What do you see yourself, as a clothing company, two years from now?

Rad: Taking the line to be the next Ben Sherman. Sneakers, socks, coasters, whatever. Just really expanding our market. Not only just that, but the music too. Going on tours with the bands, working with friends of ours, and hopefully successfully.

Cynthia: Yeah, I can see where you’re getting at. That is wonderful outlook to have for your company.

Rad: Not living out of a cardboard box.

We both laugh.

Cynthia: Yeah, that would be horrible. (pause) Is this your first time at the Never Say Never Arts Festival or have you been here before?

Rad: I personally have never been here. We work with another company called “Plug Your Holes, “ which is a body jewelry company now based out of Kansas City, so they knew about the festival.  They came down, enjoyed it and told us about it. So basically, our first time was last year through them, even though we weren’t here because we work together.  Our consensus of the show is that it seems really great, a lot of kids turn up for the event, but finding the venue was a bit tricky.

Cynthia: (laughs) I’m sure it was. We are a bit out here.

Rad: (laughs) It’s because there’s two addresses. I guess there’s another building with the same address or something. Other than that…I think it’s great.

Cynthia: What do you think of South Texas, now that you’ve been down here for a bit?

Rad: How can I explain South Texas…

Cynthia: (laughs) Well, I guess it’s warmer than New York City.

Rad: (laughs) A lot warmer than New York City.  I mean, it’s beautiful here. It’s very nice here, the people are very friendly, and the roads are so smooth. We were talking about it the other night. Well, in the middle of our rap freestyle thing that we do to pass the time…

Cynthia: My friend Stacy and I do that sometimes too, so it’s all good.

Rad: So, I gotta send my shout out to Lil’ Wayne. This guy from Love like Rockets can definitely spit some fire.

We laugh.

Cynthia: (laughs) Awesome…

Rad: Yeah, but South Texas is really great. The roads are so smooth you can fall asleep while you’re driving…

Cynthia: Well, that’s not good…

We laugh.

Rad: No, it’s not. I really do like it here. I mean, I’m a cheeseburger guy, but all my friends try to get me to try Tex-Mex food. The wonderful Southern food that is a little bit more spicy than what I’m used too.

Cynthia: Yeah, I’m not even into the “spicy” that much and I’m from here.

Rad: (Laughs) You see! Ugh, it gets ya’!

We laugh.

Rad: I’m an ocean guy, so this place is pretty close to the gulf so that’s pretty cool.

Cynthia: It is fantastic. We love the idea that the beach is so close by. (pause) Do you have any words of wisdom to anyone who wants to start a clothing company here in the Rio Grande Valley or the whereabouts of any of our readers?

Rad: Got to college. Enough said. (laughs) No, I’m just kidding. If you’d really like to start a clothing company…don’t rush. What I mean “don’t rush” is, don’t come out with two designs and rush your lines out, just for sakes of getting on a tour. Really take your time and start doing smaller festivals. You’ll start meeting other people that are also part of clothing lines who are willing to work with you and help each other out. Use other printer and don’t shy away from experimenting. Be the next Tommy Hilfiger or…

Cynthia: The next Betsey Johnson.

Rad: Yes, exactly! The next Betsey Johnson, Ben Sherman…umm…

Cynthia: Vivienne Westwood.

Rad: Another great one! Vivienne Westwood.

Cynthia: It seems I’m obviously cheering on the females.

We both laugh.

Rad: They’ve got good style too.  It’s true. I don’t see myself just doing this. I can see myself doing high fashion.

Cynthia: Right. I agree.

Rad: I like to dress up. Well, right now I have a t-shirt, jeans and a hat. (laughs)

Cynthia: Well, it is hot out, so I don’t blame you. You could have worn a tuxedo. I don’t think anyone would have frowned at that idea.

We both laugh.

Rad: One more thing about the fashion line…be prepared to spend money. Don’t get bummed out if you don’t do so well the first time out. Advertise and take your time.  Like I said before, don’t rush it. Just enjoy it.

Cynthia: Well that concludes our interview and thank you so much for your time. We hope to see you next year at NSN 2013!

Rad: Check us out on our Website, Twitter, Facebook and thank you so much.

Cynthia: You’re very welcome, and will do!

If you’re looking for a style that is truly a class on its own, Selfless Murder Clothing is ready to be a part of your newly found fashion favorites. Check out Selfless Murder Clothing this summer touring across the U.S., rocking their merchandise at the Vans Warped Tour 2012! Get ready to represent some East Coast apparel and be the talk of the town. This is Cynthia for Ouch, My Ego! Magazine. Until next time, rock uniqueness!

For more on Selfless Murder Clothing visit:!/selflessmurder

Special Thanks: Selfless Murder Clothing Crew, Dontgetemo Concerts and the Never Say Never Music Arts Festival for their support.






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