Unbox the fun: Local photo booth innovation


We’ve seen a lot of “retrogressive advancements” in the area of photography brought about by our pop cultures ever-increasing fascination with analogue/nostalgic aesthetics. It was the Poloroid movements and Lomography revivals that brought about the insanely popular Hipstamatic iphone app. Trends like this are making headway absolutely everywhere and now there is The Box, transforming your old fashioned black&white strip photo booth into a brand new, fully interactive experience.

Marco Valdez - Photographer
Marco Valdez - Photographer

The Box is a state-of-the-art photo booth encompassing new technology like the Apple Ipad’s touch screen/software. Inspired by a similar photobooth seen at an event in LA, photographer Marco Valdez has come together with graphic designer Oz Arriaga to bring this innovative revival to the Valley. With a completely automated, user-friendly interface The Box guides the user through the system while playing relevant music for patrons to take pictures to. It simultaneously streams a live feed of what is going on inside the booth to a screen just outside of it so outsiders can watch with amusement.

Initially created for Wedding & Quinceañera rentals, Marco’s Box project has taken a surprisingly corporate turn. Expect to see The Box at local events including this years Cine Sol Film Festival.
Also, be sure to join in on the action at The Box Launch Party at this Friday’s ArtWalk in McAllen, September 2 at 6pm.

The photo booth is available for all type of events; for more information, please contact Marco Valdez.

The Box
610 N main St Suite B
McAllen, Tx 78501



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