Have your 3DS and eat it too.


Are you a Nintento DS fan but you’re a little cautious about the hefty price tag for Nintendo’s newest iteration of their popular handheld the new 3DS? Worry not, Satoru Iwata, Shigeru Miyamoto (of zelda and mario fame) and others directors at Nintendo are taking a pay cut ranging from 20% of their salary, all the way up to a 50% cut for Iwata (CEO) to answer for slow initial sales of the device, and to help fund the new lowered price of $170 down from $250.

The new price won’t go into effect for another few days. Of course that totally sucks if you were an early adopter right? Having to pay full price only to have the price lowered mere months later… or does it? As compensation Nintendo is offering 20 free virtual console  downloads for those that paid full price and adopted early. Cool right? It gets better… as of Aug 9… essentially yesterday Walmart is offering the 3DS at the new lower price… right NOW!? Yes! Fly… you fools!


So… what does that mean? It means you can buy it now at the lower price of $170, and still get the 20 free downloadable games Nintendo is offering to early adopters. All you need to do is launch the e-shop app before midnight on thursday, August 11! I’ve always been a fan of Gameboy in general; I adored the DS! I knew DSi would be a flop… but I couldnt pass this up. So … the 3ds? Is it a flop? Is the 3d feature a gimick? I have to say, although i’ve only had the device for less than a day, I’m very impressed by it and am genuinely optimistic this could be a worthy follow up to the popular DS.


So… if you know you’re going to get the new 3DS handheld, now… like right now… before Friday, is the best time to get it. You get the best of both worlds. The lower price tag, with all the gratitude of Nintendo in the form of 20 free downloadable virtual console games.

Games I love for the 3DS: Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition (duh!), Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (triple duh!)


Happy gaming!



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