BOOM! in the Valley

BOOM! will be playing tonight on the Ouch, My Ego! stage at Galax Z Fair


BOOM! are a group of 3 guys, Izak Arida, Christopher Scott and Michael Hodges. Originally from California, they currently reside in Portland Oregon where they have released a bunch of music through Gnar Tapes, Burger Records and Hovercraft Records. Aside from BOOM!, each of the groups members also have solo releases through either Gnar Tapes or Burger Records (Izak as Totally You, Chris as SHAPES, and Michael as Pop Zeus

Together these guys put out their own version of punk rock, one that’s anchored by the fact that each member also produces their own really good and creative work individually. Aside from all this they also play as members of Guantanamo Baywatch and The Memories. Too many good reasons for you not to give BOOM!’s music a listen and go see them when they play in McAllen tonight at the Flying Walrus as part of Galax Z Fair or at any of their other dates around the country throughout March while they’re on tour with Guantanamo Baywatch. Read my interview with the band after this video for  “And so Goes Me” off of their last album Get a Grip.


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You moved to Portland from California right? Is that when BOOM! got started?

 Yea, BOOM! started when we moved to Portland from SoCal. We were in a different band in Cali called Toure De Force…When we brought it to Portland it became BOOM!, essentially a brand new band. Thank god we did because we have met some of our most important friends in the world here! SHOUT OUT TO WHITE FANG FAM!

You also play the drums for Guantanamo Baywatch, how did that end up happening?

 Well there was a time in Portland, about 5 or 6 years ago when BOOM!, White Fang and GBW began playing shows around town and we always would book each others bands to play any show we had. It was the trifecta and mostly just a way to hook the homies up. I had seen GBW play so many times that I just knew all of the songs, so when they asked me to fill in for a show I naturally said YES! That one show turned into about 300 shows! haha

 BOOM! has an album of Ronettes songs which is pretty sweet. Ive never heard of the song “You Came, You Saw, You Farted”, is that a spin off of one of their song titles?

 HAHA yea we love the Ronettes. “You Came, You Saw, You Farted” is BOOM!’s version of “You Came, You Saw, You Conquered” which was a single in 1969. I was dumb and just changed the name on bandcamp. We played all those songs live with Jared from The Shivas on second guitar and backup vocals for a special all girl groups show!

 You’ve also got a couple of albums worth of music out with a project called  Shapes, some released through Gnar Tapes. What’s the word on those songs? Do you have plans for future releases or touring?

WHOA! YEA Shapes was a project I started during a super cold winter in Portland when all my friends started recording solo albums (they are all amazing too!) and BOOM! wasn’t playing a whole lot. I recorded like 60 songs, most of which have never come out. I put together a band and we played Shapes shows for a little bit, but with GBW and BOOM! being so busy these days I sorta put it on the back burner. Who knows maybe those unreleased songs will surface someday on a Gnar Tape. FARTTTTTTTY!

What is the Portland area like? Why do you think it is a place where things like Gnar Tapes and a lot of the music they release are able be created and thrive in?

Portland is beautiful and we all smoke a lot of weed so its even more beautiful ! We smoke weed, we chill and party, all of those things help us create and thrive here. It also rains a whole lot so during the months when its dark and cold and wet we just play music. Smoke weed.

 You’ve done a lot of touring around the country, what are some of the most memorable things you’ve experienced through your music related travels?

Its soooo rad! I get to see the world for free pretty much! Granted we don’t get to stay in any one city for too long but last year we got flown to Hawaii for a 5 day festival…it was pretty much the best thing ever. We ate chicken and Shrimp and BBQ and fish and all kinds of Hawaiian goodies for an entire week. Nothing better than waking up on the beach, eating on the beach all day, then go rip at a show! THE BEST!  SHOUT OUT TO MY NEW YORK HOMIES TOO!

Catch BOOM! at Galax Z Fair, March 10th 2014


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