Holy Wave to flood the Valley tonight!



Holy Wave are a band from Austin, Tx. Their music has been released by The Reverberation Appreciation Society (which is owned and operated by members of The Black Angels), as well as by the living legend that is Burger Records. They will be playing at Simon Sez in McAllen Tx on Tuesday April 16th with PBLC, Vagrants, and Deep Woods.

Michael Flanagan: Would you please tell people some significant things about Holy Wave:

Holy Wave: Were just 5 normal American dudes who like rock and roll music. and trance music.

MF: Could you talk about Reverberation Appreciation Society and how you teamed up with them:

HW: Well I guess they kinda like us. Maybe? I dunno. A few of the dudes started coming out to a couple of our shows and I guess they dug it. So they put out an older LP of ours and they’re  putting out a new LP for us which people can hear this fall.

MF: Ive found out that the band is originally from El Paso, a border city, similar to McAllen. How do the issues that exist in border area’s influence you?:

HW: Yes we’re very much from El Paso. Unfortunately were not very influenced by the issues happening in border areas, probably because its usually a bummer.

MF: Could you name some art (music, film, painting, food, writing ect…) that youd like to turn people on too.:

HW: dope, burgers, listen to low times/hidden ritual/smoking white/the zoltars

MF: Could you talk about Burger Records and your relationship with them:

HW: Yeah, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind.
MF: Im going to write a few words, write as little or as much as you feel like about them:
HW: piss off!
HW: Fuck the police!
HW: Lysergic acid diethylamide
HW: We’re perfectly happy with lone star.
HW: I heard they got back together.

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w29efGHqLl8′]

Check out Holy Waves music on their band camp ( http://holywave.bandcamp.com/ ), and dont miss them live at Simon Sez this Tuesday, April 16th.


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