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The Peoples Temple are a rock band from Lansing Michigan who have released their music (Including two full length albums) through the prominent Chicago label HoZac Records, as well as through the legendary Jack Whites Third Man Records label. I spoke to William Young, who plays guitar and sings in the band, about Michigan, traveling, their session at Third Man Records, and some other interesting tidbits including music recommendations.

Michael Flanagan: So you all are from Michigan. Whats that like?

The Peoples Temple: Michigan has always been home. We are all born and raised. So the way we see it, differs from others. Whether its Detroits pre depression era buildings (abandoned now) or sprawling coastlines, its hard to encapsulate all of our state has to offer. I think the negative parts are highlighted, and focussed upon. Success with our music is something positive to think about for a change.

MF: What kind of goals does The Peoples Temple have?

TPT: To be able to play music, tour, and record, without having to deliver pizzas on the side. (Still workin on that one.)
As a band, tour europe and continue interacting with listeners on a true level with integrity in our songs. Maybe they feel sad and the music cheers them up. Prospects of bein able to communicate like that keep me singing.

MF: Could you talk a bit about HoZac records. What is your relationship with them like and how did it come about

TPT: todd and brett (From HoZac Records) responded to us after we sent them our demos. After, correspondence over the next six months we were finishing up our first album “Sons of Stone” in parents basment.

MF: Youve also got a 7in single that was recently released on Third Man Records, the label that is owned and operated by the legendary Jack White. Whats the deal with that? How was Jack White?

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TPT: It was nashville on a weekday morning. We opened for king tuff at 11 am. The establishment was pretty posh. Not what we were used to. Jack White was nice. I just shook his hand. I didnt want to bother him. We recorded a live set on half inch tape, live, and all analog.

MF: I know of quite a few great artist that have come out of Michigan. The Stooges, The Motown scene, The White Stripes, The Gories, and thats only naming a few im sure. What are some of the artist from the area that have influenced you and that you might think people should know about?

TPT: I would love to give it up for the late James Yancey aka J DILLA. If you have not checked him out do it. Also, I was just the other day listening to danny brown and black milk stuff. Very good. Black Milk collaborated with Jack White a year before we did. All-live hip hop very cool. Thats the shit.

MF: I feel a great respect for The Beatles, The Velvet Underground, The Rolling Stones, and the vibe that they were a part of in the 60’s and 70’s in a lot of yalls music. Now that youve been in the music scene for some years already, have you had any strange “coincidences” happen in your lives involving the music or musicians you grew up listening to?

TPT: No strange coincidences. Except, one of the members of the band died in a tragic car accident and we replaced him with a look-a-like. But thats never happened.

MF: What are some of the most interesting places you have traveled as a group?

TPT: We have been west and east, south and north. No place is more interesting than the people you meet. These people make places interesting. In recent months we have been explorin the south. Mike and Brandy, Lazlo, Sharod, and Desperado Bob are some of the interesting people we met.

MF: Anything you want to let the people know?

TPT: Looking forward to being back in Gods country

Catch The Peoples Temple tonight at Fall Back Records in McAllen (Gods Country) with Jungle Bodies, Pyramid Mirror, and The Sad Campers.


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