Part Time goes full time in the Valley



Between Texas, New York, and California – the dudes from Part Time bring their 80’s inspired vibes down south to Galax Z Fair II. I caught up with them via the internet to get the scoop on touring with the Drums and their next album, PDA.

VPN: How did touring North America with The Drums influence the next album?

PT: It didn’t really. We had such a good time with them Drums boys, though. There were maybe a few guitar things I or David came up with in some of the songs we played on that tour that made it onto this next album. Kinda honed in on some of guitar parts, i suppose.

VPN: What was your favorite stop along the tour?

PT: hmm, for me, maybe New York or Toronto, because of food. In NY we ate all the regular NY foods, it being most of our first time there; pizza slice, street hot dog, and our label took us out to an amazing lunch. Toronto because of poutine. Gotta be so bad for you but it’s so good.

VPN: Being dreamy dudes in a dreamy band, what has been your wildest experience with groupies or fans?

PT: I’m not sure if we’ve had too many yet. Can’t say we’ve had a lot of time to play much on the road so far. I do really love it, though, when people that I love musically come to our shows and our fans of ours.

VPN: Have you ever fallen in love on the road? By the sound of Part Time lyrics, you guys seem like romantic and sensitive dudes. I would make out with you…….oh wait, I have…….

PT: Haaha, not sure which one of us you’ve made out with but lucky lucky fella… umm ya, I have fallen in love on the road. Most of us are still looking for love and being on the road definitely expands our tireless search.

VPN: What is the Part Time recording process like and how did recording NYC influence the new album?

PT: Well, Davida is, um, the main songwriter and he has an idea and me n tony throw our two cents in and a baby song is born. That or we jam and come up with it as a group. As for NYC influence, If you listen really hard, you can hear frankenstorm Sandy in the final mixdown. We milked her for all the inspiration she could give.

VPN: What kind of sounds can we expect from the next release?

PT: Big sounds of smooth, small sounds of heavy, medium sounds of thunder, and a lot of pops, bleeps and hisses.

VPN: How did Part Time come to flourish? Are you all the original members?

PT: David started writing all the jams and tony started playing them with him. After a few line-up’s I came in. After many more line-up’s, in step Wally and Rob. And thus is the line-up you will see before you.

VPN: When I saw you guys open for The Drums in LA, y’all seemed like a happy little family. Can you spill on any Part Time drama?

PT: Sorry, some things are on a need to know basis only.

VPN: What bands are you most excited to be sharing the lineup with at Galax Z Fair?

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PT: Well, im excited about Mac Demarco. The Coathangers are awesome and friends and excited to see them. My friend recently just showed me Merchandise and they’re great, excited bout that. I mean, i think the whole thing will be great, Nu Sensae, white Lung, all them fools…

VPN: When are you performing at the Grammy’s?

PT: I think we may have a shot at it in 2021.

VPN: Were you sad Justin Bieber wasn’t invited to perform?

PT: Tears poured out of every duct, pore, and hole.

VPN: What do you think of the Justin Timberlake comeback?

PT: I’m for as many comebacks as he can muster.

VPN: What’s the weirdest experience you’ve had with music journalists?

PT: When this one asked about love and said she kissed us. That was pretty far-out there.

VPN: Would you eat tacos on cam if I asked you to? ‘I Wanna Take You Out’ to Taco Palenque when ur here.

PT: Best believe I would! Taco’s are my thing. Taco’s and space travel.


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