Protomartyr in the Valley



Protomartyr is the band that we needed. The same way we needed Iggy or Joey. Generations need music that can be played as they break down the walls of oppression. From civilization, Or from our parents. Protomartyr provides an anxious soundtrack to the angst that comes with being well, not rich. Much like we complain. They sing about everything and nothing. Protomartyr is an important band, and one that must be heard.


Here is my chat with the band:


Edgar: When did you guys start playing together?

Protomartyr: We started playing together in 2010 after I developed a friendship with Greg, he and I actually went to the same high school. A decade in between, but it counts. Before we started with they all played in a band called Butt Babies. They were very good.


Edgar: Protomartyr  is a very  cool band name. Was Protomartyr always the name for the band?

Protomartyr: Yes, kind of. I always told myself   that if I ever had a band that I would call it  Protomarty….. or Idiot Man Child. I’m incredibly glad I went with Protomartyr. The downside is that I always have to repeat myself when telling somebody our name.  The conversations usually go something like:

“Yeah, my band is called Protomartyr”


“No, pro-to-mar-tyr”

“Weird, but that’s cool I guess..”


Edgar: Do you think your music would’ve changed had you gone with Idiot Man Child?

Protomartyr: I don’t know man.  Maybe we would be better. It wouldn’t take much repeating, so there’s that.


Edgar: Have you ever been to South Texas before? If so, did you enjoy it?

Protomartyr: No! None of us have been so far south. We are really looking forward to it,I heard a lot of cool things about the place where we are playing.


Edgar: Do you have a favorite song to perform live?

Protomartyr: It changes from time to time, but I have been having a lot of fun with “What The Wall Said” lately. At first it was really nerve wrecking because it’s just me and the bass at first, but I think we’ve been getting right.


Edgar: What has been your reaction to the attention you have gathered with the release of Under Color Of Official Right?

Protomartyr: It’s fine.  I mean it hasn’t changed anything, the crowd sizes have not been affected. *cough* Actually, we did play a sold out show in New York. That was a lot of fun. But I mean, most things have been positive I think. That’s the thing crowds are only affected when the reviews are negative. The only things that kind of bother me is all the comments about my appearance. But hey, I’m tough I can handle it.


Edgar: Being from Detroit, do you think the financial situation help craft the darker tones and themes that this album touches on?

Protomartyr: In a way, i mean no. But yes? It definitely informs the mentality but not the sound ,I keep telling people that I am not as affected by the economical or whatever crisis in my hometown, I am much more affected by my own emotional and economical crisis. But it does sadden me. I mean, the place where my father worked for years and years recently closed down five years after my father’s death. So it does affect me, because well, Detroit is home. At it will always be that way.


Be sure to witness the force that is PROTOMARTYR at the historic Cine El Rey on Thursday May 29. Doors open at 9 PM and it is an *ALL AGES* event.


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