Never Say Never Arts Festival: Making its Mark on the Valley


It’s 2009. As thirty bands get ready to set up on two stages, the crowd is hyped with a new-fangled festival that was finally bringing down some of the hottest bands from all genres known to the local music connoisseurs. But little did they know that by 2012, this festival would end up being approaching the level of  SXSW and Warped Tour, receiving publicity from such media greats as Alternative Press magazine and MTV. This two-day, multi-stage festival held in Mission Texas every year during Spring Break has taken the world by storm, allowing the South Texas fan base to enjoy some of their favorite bands, all the while giving the local talent a chance to be selected to play in what will soon be a part of music fest history.

As the crowds grow larger so do the headliners, and in 2012 at Las Palmas Racepark in Mission, Texas, Never Say Never’s line-up is chock-full of new favorites and popular repeats who have supported the festival for several years. Wiz Kalifa (Atlantic Records), Hellogoodbye (Wasted Summer/LAB Records), Rocky Loves Emily (Tooth and Nail Records) and Every Avenue (Fearless Records) are among some of the new acts performing for the first time at NSN along with many other amazing picks from various genres. Forever The Sickest Kids (Universal/Motown), Black Cards (Decaydance/Island), Asking Alexandria (Sumerian) and Big Chocolate (Unsigned), who are big supporters of the Festival, are coming back to add to the plethora of beloved repeats. With passion in their hearts Dontgetemo Concerts, referred to the local scene as DGE, has done for South Texas what people never thought could ever be done here. They are truly inspirations to the dreamers that anything is possible, for when it comes to reaching your goals….Never Say Never.

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    • It’s getting there Kevin. 🙂 This year was pretty amazing and I’m sure NSN 2013 is going to appeal to many more music connoisseurs. This year, there were bands, clothing lines and etcetera from all over the U.S. Stay tuned for coverage from both NSN and the GALAX Z FAIR coming soon. 🙂


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