Sick/Sea EP Release w/ Quiet Kids @ Cine El Rey

Sick/Sea @ Cine El Rey Flyer
Sick/Sea @ Cine El Rey Flyer

Local music fans have waited with bated breath for ‘OH, SHIP!,’ the debut EP release from McAllen, TX-based indie band, Sick/Sea (formerly ‘Arrgh!drey‘).


OME staffer, Gabriel Elizondo, had a chance to have a sit down pow-wow with Sick/Sea. Audrey shared her most intimate secrets. Check out the video!


The band, led by sweetheart Audrey Scott, will be joined by The Counterparts and Quiet Kids on Thursday, April 7th at Cine El Rey. Adding to the maritime festivities of the evening, Ouch, My Ego! will be have a pirate-themed photo booth, complete with pirate props – eye patches, swords, parrots, and mermaids!


Be sure to come out, cause there’s going to be a keelhaul on the poop deck, mateys! Arrgh! ;]







Give them a listen! You wont regret it





Check out all these rad pics from the show! You missed out if you did’nt go!


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What do you guys think of Sick/Sea?


  1. Hello Sick/Sea, goodbye Arrgh!Drey! From my personal experience working with them, I think they are a band that’s only going to keep getting better… and better. I’m looking forward to hearing their new ep because I believe in their music and what they are doing. The name change was a vital move on their part as well and is just as catchy as the previous one. Audrey is definitely the spark that’s keeping the momentum going. Her overall talent and good looks make for a freshly flowered persona that the Valley should be proud to have.


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