Vincent Price’s Laugh is a biweekly podcast hosted by your favorite monster creeps, Elbee & Andrew. Join them for discussion of not only Vincent Price movies, but a plethora of films in the realm of horror/scifi. And watch out, you may learn something along the way.



Elbee and Andrew don’t just enjoy the occasional spooky movie, they often pursue stories of strange happenings from around the world. Here, a little film called Shadow People serves as this episode’s topic…one that examines a phenomenon that may even hit a little close to home.

Inspired by a true story of a radio talk show host who uncovers the eerie truth behind strange deaths that had occurred years before, the film straddles the line of reality vs. fiction somewhat cleverly. One thing the film does well is spark the viewer to research some of the subject matter a little bit more.

Join Andrew and Elbee as they discuss Shadow People the film and the truth behind the mystery. Andrew even shares a personal experience he’s had with shadow people that you won’t want to miss!


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