Join host Andrew as he tortures *ahem* engages guests by subjecting them to the weirdest, most mind-boggling films in existence (and sometimes he has the tables turned on him!). See what he has in store for his guinea pigs biweekly on What Did We Just Watch?!


the film: ZARDOZ

the guest: Travis Trapp

You haven’t Seen Zardoz? WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?!? Hot off of the success of Deliverance (yes that backwoods terror flick) John Boorman aimed to bring us his version of Lord of the Rings but failed. From the ashes of that burned out project arose ZARDOZ! Sean Connery stars as Zed, a savage in a ‘civilized’ world in this trippy hippy dippy sci-fantasy-satire film from 1974.
Listen as local artist/teacher Travis Trapp and I talk about ZARDOZ! spoiler: they kinda like the movie!


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