This episode sees the return of Michael Cook, primary host of all the shows from Retro Rocket Entertainment, & co-host to the first show I’ve ever been a part of, Videonight! On our first go-round here on WDWJW?!? Michael played it relatively safe with Hudson Hawk, a film so ‘normal’ in its plot but so weird in every other way, that it was a relatively successful episode. But now, through months of deliberation, we bring you a truly weird film, 1993’s FREAKED by director, writer, star Alex Winter .

Freaked also seems to have a simple enough plot: Waning superstar Ricky Coogan is tapped as a shill for the mega-corporation E.E.S. (Everything Except Shoes) to hock a toxic ‘fertilizer’ to unsuspecting South American farmers. He agrees & sets out on a road trip to the base of operations in Santa Flan. He’s joined by his best pal Ernie and his not-so-best gal Julie. On their trip they stop at a tourist trap , FREEK LAND, owned and operated by Elija C. Skuggs (who is one part P.T. Barnum, one part Dr. Moreau). From there, you can imagine the rest, but you shouldn’t. You should see this film & then enjoy our podcast about the film. Ok?

You can view the film (as of this posting) on youtube of all places, so watch it already!