Join host Andrew as he tortures *ahem* engages guests by subjecting them to the weirdest, most mind-boggling films in existence (and sometimes he has the tables turned on him!). See what he has in store for his guinea pigs biweekly on What Did We Just Watch?!


The film: Forbidden Zone

Forbidden Zone_frontForbidden Zone_booklet3

The guest: Rob Godinez (No Trauma)

Among the first of the oft-lauded Midnight Movies that featured Eraserhead, Rocky Horror Picture Show, and El TopoForbidden Zone is something of an amalgam of at least two of the aforementioned titles. It has in common with Eraserhead, its black and white presentation and near incoherent plot that rewards repeat viewing. And it is a musical with zany characters much like Rocky Horror…however, where Rocky Horror is a send up of those “dark and stormy night” thrillers, Forbidden Zone seems to be a blender full of nonsense with a dash of satire on Southern California cultural stereotypes… This episode of “WDWJW” has Rob and I discussing the ’81/’82 classic musical Forbidden Zone. Is it worth a watch or skip it outright?


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