The film: Top of the Food-chain aka Invasion!

The Guest: Erich Hall

Sometimes, on this show, I get to revisit old favorite films while at the same time introducing someone (our guest, and YOU dear readers & listeners) to said film. And it’s an absolute treat for me. One such film is the Canadian sci-farce Top of the Food Chain (or as it’s know in the states, INVASION!).

Directed by John Paizs, Invasion! stars Campbell Scott as a vacationing atomic scientist, Dr. Karel Lamonte, and Fiona Loewi and Tom Everett Scott as the Fawkes siblings, Sandy and Guy. Dr. Lamonte is visiting the sleepy and dilapidated Exceptional Vista. A once thriving berg that has all but turned to dust “after the nut factory went bust.” But something strange is happening in this little town. Their only comfort, the TV relay antenna, seems to be on the fritz! And sadly the only person able to fix it died in his sleep. But unrelated to that sad passing is the spate of mutilations/murders happening in the area! What’s behind all of this? A genetically engineered band of devil worshiping serial killers…or a Sasquatch type thing? Or is it perhaps Moonmen and girls?

It’s up to our atomic scientist and the eccentric townsfolk of Exceptional Vista to band together to get to the bottom of things. And to make things more interesting, a couple of separate traveling salespeople (vacuum & banjo) arrive just as the body count rises. What, if anything, do they have to do with all of this?

Joining me on this episode is Erich Hall, a velvet-voiced fellow up to the task of delving into, for the first time, this little movie that most have never heard of. It brings me great pleasure to share with you our thoughts on Top of the food chain aka INVASION!


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