the Film: Yoga Hosers

the regular: Jon Bjorling


I don’t often like Kevin Smith movies, be they from his early years (Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy) or his more current fare (Red State, Tusk). Though, I did like Red State more than the rest. Now, with his latest film Yoga Hosers, I can finally say that I still don’t really like his movies. However, I respect the heck out of his attempts to make silly nonsense that is void of the pretension that was so present in his earlier works.


Yoga Hosers has Smith directing his daughter, Harley Quinn and her best pal Lily Rose Depp as the titular characters. They are joined by a cast both familiar (Johnny Depp, Justin Long) and unfamiliar (Austin Butler, Tyler Posey) in a story that is also both familiar and unfamiliar. And to round out the cast, is Ralph Garmin with his hit-or-miss celebrity impressions (his Adam West is superb!).


The familiar: clerks of a quick-stop and their seemingly slacker way of being. The unfamiliar: said clerks fight Nazi bratwursts and thwart an underground Nazi uprising. Yes, this film uses the easy and topical target of the Nazis as the main threat to our characters, and possibly the world. And why not? The Nazi ideology is the burdensome white elephant gift that keeps on giving; there seems to be no place where we can do away with it, for the sake of all. So here, we have another film that sets to make Nazis look like idiots via satire.


This was another pick by Jon, though I did want to see it anyway. Here we discuss what works, what doesn’t, and if Yoga Hosers, as silly as it is, is worth your time.


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