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Hello OME readers,
My name is Andie and I am a makeup fiend.
I discovered the wonderful world of Youtube makeup artists a little over one year ago. I fell in love immediately with a prominent woman in the influencer community, Jaclyn Hill. Ok, I’m lying, I had to warm up to her bubbly personality and goofy sense of humor.
Though, once I became comfortable with Hill she led me down a crazy binge of different makeup artists. The online beauty community is so diverse and changes daily. Many of these artists not only talk about makeup but also promote equality, and discuss personal struggles like abusive relationships or anxiety. Some people may think it is weird to see people who make a living off of giving beauty tips also encourage the idea that beauty is from within.
Makeup is for everyone. You have the power, you have the control and you are beautiful.
With that being said, this column will be a safe place for anyone who loves art, style and expression.
So, here we go.

TBByellerToday’s topic: Cleansing

Keeping your face clean should be a priority for everyone. You can wash your face in the morning to prep your skin for makeup and at the end of the day to remove it. Our skin can receive damage from sunlight, extreme cold or hot, sweat, and makeup.

My mother taught me at a young age, removing dirt and germs from my face daily would help keep my skin from getting irritated, breaking out, and aging quickly. Now that I am in my 20s (ok, late 20s) my skin does not react as well as it once did to just washing. So now, I use a cleanser.

Cleansing helps remove all of your makeup and pollution that layers on your face and in your pores. It can also help with keeping your skin soft, making makeup application easier.

I’ve tried a few cleansers, but the one that has given me the best results is the Soy Face Cleanser from FRESH. It has a wonderful scent of cucumbers and contains rose water which hydrates your skin.

Finding a cleanser that is right for you depends on what you like: scents, texture, price, and what works for your skin type. For example, the Soy Face Cleanser works for people with normal, oily, combination, dry and sensitive skin. I personally have combination skin. My T- Zone (forehead and nose) is very oily but the surrounding areas of my face are dry. It can be daunting to find something that works for one face with two types of skin.

Don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on your search for a magical cleanser? Go to your local Sephora or Ulta store and ask for samples. You can always test out these products before you commit. Sephora also has a great return policy if something was not quite what you expected.

Let me know what your experiences are with cleansers. Do you swear by them or can you live without them? If you had fun reading this or would like more makeup tips, please follow my Instagram: @thebeautybeatdown.

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