trends on trends on trends
trends we are all victims of them. whether we chose to follow them or reject them. the thing with fashion is, even when you try and reject it you still fit into it, “the anti-fashion”, its still a niche in which people fall into.
for me the best trends are transitional trends, things that can go from fall to summer, since those are the only seasons we have in Texas. so this are trends that i feel will transition perfectly and wont hurt your wallet either.

1. color blocking: this trend has, like many trends, been recycled. now i feel as though this is the easiest trend to incorporate into an outfit, colored pants with a solid colored shirt, plus solid shoes. this trend is perfect for both men and women. its easy to pull off and you can dissect it into different pieces for a more casual look.

2. animal print: this is one of my favorite trends to make any outfit light up. just a simple print will make an outfit that much louder. however the issue with this is you cant over do it or you’ll end up looking like some jersey hooker. and for all i know thats not cute. this can be leopard print, snake, alligator, anything that has bold prints. and for the vegans out there, there are synthetic material made with this print.

3. stripes: now wearing stripes has to be done appropriate , if you do the horizontal stripes be aware that they do make you look wider, vertical stripes elongate the body and make you look thinner. now like animal print you can over do it. however, if you but a wider stripe with a thinner one it can work. or a vertical and horizontal stripe with one and other.

4. black: the biggest neutral out there. the best part of black is it is slimming so its the perfect basic. now for fall there has been a fashion don’t turned into a fashion do, black and brown. i love this trend and i think it is easy to pull off by combining another neutral or color that helps it pull together, like navy. but you can do an all black look with some nude heels or for the boys a dark brown shoe.

5. prints on prints: this is for the daring fashion enthusiast and can make or break an outfit, stripes with some animal print, or polka dots with stripes, even plaid on plaid, these aren’t impossible to pull off but they are easy to destroy an outfit. so my advice would be to make sure there are some neutrals involved or something to block the prints, like a striped blazer with blue jeans and an animal print shoe or a plaid suit with a solid tee or button up.

now these trends are perfect for men and women, and are great for the crazy weather down here and can be easy to transition from fall to summer. so you wont have to constantly be buying whats in and what is out.

have fun with fashion, don’t become enslaved by it. fashion is all about dressing up, having fun. don’t take it serious. but it all boils down to confidence, if you can work it, then bitch work it.


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