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Pretty much, you’re going to have to come to this event to truly appreciate all the subtleties of awesome that will be floating about; talk about free-radicals, right?

So here’s the lowdown: we’re all going to have a great time at Roosevelts. There will be all kinds of hob-knobbery, parlor tricks, and even some games to pass the time and expand the merriment. There will be a limbo bar and other games spread about, but the best is that there will be arm wrestling matches, and a beard contest to boot! So do try to be in attendance.

When & Where!?
This event is proudly hosted by Roosevelt’s at 7 in Mcallen. It’s on Thursday, March 31 and it starts at 8:30 so come on out!


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While this event is free for anyone to join in, purchasing a ticket gives you a few awesome things. First off, you get two, COUNT THEM, TWO complimentary drinks provided by Roosevelts; already the ticket is a steal! Secondly, we have a plethora of local independent businesses that have donated coupons for us to give away. You’ll find the complete listing at the end. Not to be outdone, each ticket purchaser also gets a promo bag full with all kinds of OME goodies! Buttons, and stickers, and zines, oh my! As a final thought, all the money raised goes 100% towards producing Ouch, My Ego!

So where can you get tickets? If you want one you can either find me or any of the other OME staffers you may know, or you can send an email, and finally you can also buy tickets online via paypal. Note that you don’t have to have a paypal acct. You can just pay outright with a credit or debit card. You can also purchase the tickets at the door if there are any left heh ;P


The Spoils!

Heres that list of coupons that will be given away at the mixer!

$100 Jaber at the Art Village restaurant (European style Gourmet)

$50 Monikapolitan (Online independent boutique)

$30 Inchy (Custom made buttons)

$25 Fallback Records (Vinyl Records)

$20 Oh Shnapples (Candied Apples)

2 Ticket Pass to any Galax Z Bear Event

Jenny Lee is ready for the mustache mixer
Jenny is ready to party!



Check out the pics and video from the mustache mixer! 😀


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