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The Second Concert of Three to Feature World Renowned Artist Mark Farina

On July 8, sandwiched between two rock shows, the McAllen Convention Center Oval Park will give home to a three-stage electronic extravaganza. Headlining will be “Mushroom Jazz” pioneer Mark Farina, finding the time to fit McAllen in the middle of his seventh world tour, during which time he has visited England, Holland, and New York.

“We just asked,” said Luke Salas of the South Texas Community Arts Foundation (STCAF). “He really liked the fact that it was in a park and that it’s going to be free.”

Farina was initially allotted no more than an hour. But upon his request, the Summer Concert Series was more than happy to grant him an extra hour or two to perform what Salas promises to be “a special set.”

For those hoping to come out and enjoy the familial atmosphere seen in prior events, there is nothing to fear from words like “mushroom jazz,” and “electronica.” If electronic music really isn’t your thing, there is a stage dedicated just for you. On two of the three stages, there will be an exclusively electronic rotation, but on the third stage there will be alternating sets of DJs and acoustic music.

“We’re hoping people stick around to see how skilled Mark Farina really is,” Salas said.

Keeping people fed and hydrated will be upwards of twenty vendors lined along either side of the lake, sure to be reflecting the unique South Texas sunset. This, combined with the eclectic art on display, is sure to create a most striking ambience that will not soon be forgotten.

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