Elbee and The Mike pay tribute to the late Clu Gulager by taking a look at his work in the years leading up to his passing in August 2022. Discussed on the show are three “indie” films: Tangerine, Blue Jay, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Topics include: what it’s like being an aging actor, how Clu’s Native American heritage prepped him for Tangerine, how Clu’s romanticism comes through in Blue Jay, and how Clu himself was the branching-off point in the revisionist history of OUATIH.

The legacy of Clu Gulager lives on! Rest in Peace, Clu. You will be missed. ♥

Clu Gulager, 'Return of the Living Dead' Star, Dead at 93
NOVEMBER 16, 1928 – AUGUST 5, 2022