Cafeteria Dance Fever Drinks Up At The Thirsty Monkey




Cafeteria Dance Fever are a garage rock group hailing from Portland, Oregon, whose sound has been described as equal parts Swell Maps (English iconoclasts of the late seventies) and the Sonics (original Seattle garage punk). Since their first release on band members (and brothers) Tim and Mark Janchars Hovercraft Records label, they have embarked on more than a few tours across the United States and Europe and had 8 more releases on their DIY record label. We had the chance to ask Mark Janchar a few questions about the band and label.

Michael Flanagan: This show came about through a recommendation to you about McAllen from Guantanamo Baywatch, what is your relation to them?

Mark Janchar – Cafeteria Dance Fever: Guantanamo Baywatch played a show at Worksound Gallery where Hovercraft Records was putting on live music shows. Hovercraft Records then put out Guantanamo’s first full length vinyl. They’ve remained best friends since.

MF: Could you give a little history on Hovercraft Records?

MJ-CDF: Hovercraft records was first started in 2005 by Tim and Mark Janchar. It was a project that blossomed out of a love for music, especially the local scene in Portland. The label began to get more press and bands were contacting the Janchar’s in hopes of having their music accessible to the public in material form, mainly vinyl. They are now releasing their 50th album this fall. A double 7″ by Cafeteria Dance Fever.

MF: How would you describe Cafeteria Dance Fever’s sound? What inspired the formation of the group?

MJ-CDF: 80’s garage-pop thrown into a blender with some 80’s punk. Add some broken glass and puree. Cafeteria Dance Fever got started due to the ADD nature of all band members. Nothing over 2 minutes!

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MF: I’ve read that y’all have toured Europe multiple times, what is that experience like? Whats are some things Europe does better?

MJ-CDF: Europe is like the US but with better food.

MF: What do you consider the groups highest and lowest points?

MJ-CDF: Our high point was White Trash Fast Food in Berlin, Germany. Our low point was when we cleared out the Lost Horse Saloon in Marfa, TX. last night.

MF: Could you speak a bit on Portland? What are some of your favorite and least favorite places in the US?

MJ-CDF: Portland has a great music scene. Very diverse, almost over-saturated, but the energy of bands is incomparable. Our favorite US city….Oakland. Our least favorite city… Hollywood.

MF: Whats next for Cafeteria Dance Fever? Anything important you’d like the public to know?

MJ-CDF: Our next adventure is a 3 week tour in Europe this fall. BEWARE of Cafeteria Dance Fever. They are incalculable.

Cafeteria Dance Fever will be playing The Thirsty Monkey, downtown McAllen, this Thursday August 8th as the last date on their latest American tour before departing on another trek across Europe in October. Joining them will be local groups Japanese to English, The Dandy Heat, Moon Rabbit, and Blight Night. Music between sets will be provided by Dios Del Ghetto with visual accompaniment to the music throughout the night provided by Dodie Dankie.




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