Review: Rumors And Headlines, Seafoam Green's 7-inch split nothing to write home about

Sea Foam Green & Rumors and Headlines' split vinyl 7"


Rumors and Headlines and Sea Foam Green — from McAllen and Edinburg respectively — released a four-track, 7-inch split earlier this year under the locally based label Fall Back Records.

First off, it’s cool that they put the EPs out on colored vinyl.

Rumors and Headlines start the record off with a fast beat and heavy guitar. But the band’s two songs, which make up Side A, don’t lead anywhere. They drag on at the same energy level, lacking a certain element, perhaps a drum fill here or there. But that never comes. The drums in both songs become repetitive and get boring; the lyrics sound like they’re forced to fit the melody. A bass solo and backing vocals on the first track, “Keep On Truckin’,” are what keep the listener involved. The second track, “Cold Grilled Cheese & Warm Sprite… Again,” was unremarkable. Just when some life feels like it may enter the song, the track ends.

On Side B, Sea Foam Green lays out the catchier tunes. Both the group’s songs feature wild vocals. At times, they’re confusing, but instrumentals direct them on where to go. “Overwhelm Me,” the side’s first track, has a beat that picks up at odd times but never swerves off course. The second track, “Natural,” offers a memorable melody, and a dancy half-tempo break down similar to those in songs by Operation Ivy.

The songs on this record aren’t bad, but there’s nothing particularly special about them. This split might make a nice addition to some collections, but I don’t consider it a must-have.



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