Join host Andrew as he tortures *ahem* engages guests by subjecting them to the weirdest, most mind-boggling films in existence (and sometimes he has the tables turned on him!). See what he has in store for his guinea pigs biweekly on What Did We Just Watch?!


the film: The Devil’s Sword

the guest: Travis Trapp


So, Travis initially suggested we watch Videodrome, but realized when he arrived at my house, that both of us had already seen the film. So, as per the premise of the show (one of us must not have seen the film at all), he suggested we watch something else. But what? I presented to him this gem: The Devil’s Sword. This is a martial arts epic, but aside from the fight choreography, it has more in common with Conan the Barbarian than Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan.

lookit our good guy dodge a croco-man or gator-dude or whatever!

The story follows a good guy warrior on a quest to help a tough lady rescue her dude-in-distress from the Crocodile Queen who lives in her magical cave under the river. She routinely kidnaps dudes to make them her sex slaves and/or cannibal slaves. The Queen enlists the efforts of a bad guy (who is quite literally the same as the good guy, only bad) to retrieve a super weapon called the Devil’s Sword. Along the way, our heroes run afoul of the bad guy and many other bad guys: a witch, a flying guillotine guy, a dude with a snake that turns into a stick, crocodile men, a cave monster, and so on.

Lookit this dude sky surfing a boulder!

The film is crazy bananas! Please enjoy this episode wherein we go on about how nutty this flick is.


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