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The Film: Earth Girls Are Easy

The Guests: Monica & Elbee


The year was 1989, and I was nearing my 16th birthday, when suddenly, Earth Girls Are Easy was released into cinemas. I did NOT go see it. But, maybe a year or so later, I did somehow end up watching the film. Just once. Never again, until now.

50s based spaceship design! Can’t go wrong!

The film stars Geena Davis (hot off of her Oscar® win for The Accidental Tourist) as a love-lorn “Valley girl,” who, sunbathing by her pool one sunny day, meets a few furry and colorful aliens (played by Jim Carrey, Damon Wayans, and Jeff Goldblum’s alluring stare) after they happen to crash land in said pool! How about that!

Do these aliens remind you of furry chickens? Hmmm…

My memory of this film was simply that synopsis, and hardly anything more. I didn’t remember the musical numbers (UGH YES IT’S A MUSICAL, bleh!), the odd story editing, or that So Cal-stalwart Angelyne made a cameo appearance.

Who the heck is Angeline anyway?

Oh, two things I did remember: the bright neon late ’80s colors that were so prevalent in southern California at the time (beach culture permeated all of So Cal, and there’s a sort of comfort I get when seeing it depicted in films) and MTV’s Miss Julie Brown!

Revisiting this film ultimately made me very nostalgic (that’s something I resist most often, but just couldn’t while watching this flick). I’m joined by Monica, who had yet to see the film and Elbee, who calls me out on the reason for my usual resistance to nostalgia. We discuss much more than just the movie, though…enjoy the show!



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