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The Film: Neon Maniacs

The Guest: Jon Bjorling


It’s October! And as such, we have a treat for you. I said I’d make Jon watch Neon Maniacs, and that’s exactly what we did!


This really is one of those “you gotta see it to really understand” movies, but I’ll try to explain: Randomly one night (in October? We’re not sure) a door opens in a maintenance building under the Golden Gate bridge, and out shuffles a gang of villains the likes you’ve never seen before!

See, Shuffle, as in DECK OF CARDS!
See! Shuffle, as in DECK OF CARDS!


Scratch that, you’ve probably seen the Village People. That’s who this gang of monsters seem to resemble.  These monsters are diverse, and want nothing more than to ruin rowdy teens’ fun at the park.

Look at this guy.
and this guy...
and this guy…
and this guy here...
and this guy here…
or this fella…
Okay, so this guy wasn't in the Village People.
Okay, so this guy definitely wasn’t in the Village People.


Among our heroes is a freshmen filmmaker, a reluctant pretty girl, and proto-Ben Affleck (who is also lead singer of a band!).  Our trio try to convince the police that there’s something strange going on, but to no avail. So it’s up to them to stop the NEON MANIACS from trashing the high school costume party dance (that isn’t on Halloween, or is it? I really want to know).

if they sing “Let me ruin your evening…” they’ve succeeded.


Please do enjoy, as Jon and I talk about this strange and unintentionally(?) silly monster movie that seems like it SHOULD be required viewing this time of year.



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