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My Current Obsession: Chrome Nails

Today I’m going to step out of my comfort zone of makeup and dip into the topic of nail polish – more specifically, chrome nails.

I've had these acrylics for a week and I haven't lost a single rhinestone! That is a first for me. A little nail growth but the chrome is still as beautiful as day one
I’ve had these acrylics for a week and I haven’t lost a single rhinestone! That is a first for me. A little nail growth but the chrome is still as beautiful as day one

Chrome is a new trend in the beauty community that has everyone flocking to the nearest nail salon for these two-toned beauties. I visited with Alfonso Martinez, owner of Poncho’s Nails in Weslaco, Tex., to get my chrome fix.

To get the shiny metallic look, a chrome pigment powder is used. I chose a purple/blue hue for my look, and the product resembled a finely-milled white glitter.

I opted for an acrylic almond-shaped nail, and I noticed the process is similar to the one used in a shellac manicure. Depending on your nail tech (there are various ways to use this product), generally it is recommended to use a base gel coat, cure under a UV lamp made for nails, and then apply 1-2 coats of a hued gel polish. The color of the gel polish can change the final look of your nails. Alfonso opted for the black, which really made the bold purple and blue pop whether I’m indoors or in the sunlight.

After you apply the color coat and cure under the UV light, a gel topcoat is applied and also cured. The tacky surface is wiped clean, and then a sponge is used for the application of the pigment powder. The sponge used is exactly like those small eye shadow sponges that came with every ’90s shadow palette (finally they are useful).

Apply pressure while spreading the pigment and ta-dah! – chrome nails! Remove excess powder and seal with the last topcoat, cure, and you are done! Note: Fluffy brushes are not recommended for the use of pigment powders.


The process varies by person,and more coats of pigment powder can be applied depending on what you want your nails to look like. There are many videos and websites that can guide you if you are trying this at home. I opted to let a professional handle my nails, and it was so worth it!

If you are interested in seeing more from Poncho’s Nails visit his Facebook page!


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