Broke Joblessness – Bible Style


1.)    Always think you’re too good to do certain jobs even though the economy is bad and you live on your mama’s couch.

2.)    Stay in school for as long as possible to avoid all manner of trying.

3.)    Tell everyone you’ve been looking for work but that no one is hiring; don’t actually look for work.

4.)    Complain about not having any money when your friends ask you to hang out but always seem to pull money out of thin air.

5.)    Hide your truck in your neighbor’s garage so the bank won’t find it.

6.)    Never leave bed before 1 p.m.

7.)    Act like you’re too busy to do anything during the day even though everyone knows you don’t work.

8.)    Become an artist or a musician and pretend that’s your job.

9.)    Be in your 20s and ask your parents for going out money.

10.)  Avoid assessing your worth and position in society.


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