UPDATE: Lime Cucumber Gatorade


Hello, friends. You’ve probably noticed that Lime Cucumber Gatorade is conspicuously absent from convenience store refrigerators in the Rio Grande Valley. This wonderful beverage tastes like the real thing and offers thirst-quenching refreshment like none of its like-branded predecessors. I called the Stripes Convenience Store McAllen office this morning to request that the general manager place an order for the flavor and begin to stock it in McAllen-area stores. I doubt one request will do the trick so I’d really appreciate if everyone would help by calling the Stripes office at 956-585-9994 and requesting that Stripes begin to carry Lime Cucumber Gatorade. Your taste buds (and mine) will thank you for your help. Let’s do our part to help the Valley join the ranks of bigger Texas cities like Dallas, Austin and San Antonio, who are already enjoying this delicious Gatorade flavor. Thank you.


Lime Cucumber Gatorade is EVERYWHERE, babies! I don’t know whether it was our humble efforts at Ouch My Ego or a matter or sheer coincidence. But, since we posted our longing for this delicious beverage on the website about two weeks ago, stores across the Rio Grande Valley have begun stocking Lime Cucumber Gatorade. If you put in a call, thanks. If you didn’t, who cares; it’s here anyway!

Pick up a bottle and make your day a lil bit better. Have a goodun.


  1. I found some as close as George West on my way to SA. I made sure to stock up on a bunch, maybe it’s a sign of it migrating down here.

  2. I am addicted to gatorades lime/cucumber! And today I got the most devistating news. The Publix that carries this flavor, happens to be the only store in my area that does carry it,and is taking my vice off its shelves. And I dont know what to do about it!!!! Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can put a stop to this travesty.

  3. Hey, is this wonderful drink sold outside of TX? I love the flavor but do not live in TX. I brought a bunch home with me on the last trip but would now like to purchase some more. Does anyone know if it is sold anywhere in WV, OH, or KY? If so, message me and let me know.

  4. I found in in Tucson az ( south Tucson). Haha probably doesn’t help you in Texas though. I hope they don’t stop making it. I pulled one out of my hotel mini fridge that my wife had and opened and drank it in the dark and thought Wtf is this cucumber?

  5. I had it for the first time a few days ago in Texas and I can’t find it here in CO!!! I’m craving it so bad! It blew my mind that it tasted so real

  6. I’m telling people about this mouth watering drink!!! It totally quenches my thirst and is delicious… by far the best!! 🙂


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