Vincent Price’s Laugh is a podcast hosted by your favorite monster creeps, Elbee & Andrew! Join them for fun-filled analysis and discussion of not only Vincent Price movies, but a plethora of films in the realm of horror/scifi


Hello again, monster kids! On this episode of VPL, we’re turning back the clock a bit to 2007, the year that Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino released their cult classic-informed double feature, Grindhouse.Nostalgia is kind of a weird beast, sometimes making us remember things a bit more fondly than they may deserve. It’s also tricky when a modern director makes a film that so clearly references other works – that director has to have a very firm grip on what he or she is doing, otherwise the film could come across as too derivative or out of focus. This is what Andrew and I think hurts films like The Void, when references take the place of actual substance. But the genuine affection Rodriguez and Tarantino have for 1970s grindhouse-style exploitation films (coupled with their already-established chops as master filmmakers) really gives this double feature of Planet Terror and Death Proof an edge even to this day.

Please, sit back, buckle up and join us as we celebrate ten years of Grindhouse! We talk about nostalgia, how our “favorites” have changed over the years, and what exploitation really means to both of us. And, as always, thanks for listening! If you would like to support us, please take a quick moment to like us on our social media sites (FacebookTwitter), and remember to rate and review us on iTunes. You can also become a patreon patron here, or buy some cool merch designed by our very own Andrew Gimetzco at places like these: RedBubbleSociety 6Tee PublicThreadless.


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