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Hello again, friends and monster kids! After a short hiatus, Andrew and I have returned to once again bring you our silly little horror movie podcast. We took some much-needed time off, but we’re eager to get the ball rolling again. And so, we begin again with one of our most-anticipated film releases of 2017, Gore Verbinski’s A Cure For Wellness.


This is a classic “dump month” film – studios like to release films that they don’t have too much faith in during the slower, non-summer blockbuster season, dumping them out in January and February. You’ll notice that a lot of the more creative or interesting films come out at this time, and that goes for the horror genre especially.


The story centers around Lockhart (Dane DeHaan), a young rising star in his firm. After a Wall Street crisis, he is sent to the Swiss Alps to retrieve the company’s CEO, who has taken the last two weeks to refresh himself in a world renowned “wellness center” and spa. Suspicion arises as Lockhart survives an auto accident and is exposed to the spa’s strange healing practices. Things in this remote part of the Alps just aren’t what they seem.


What’s notable about A Cure For Wellness is its originality. Verbinski is always careful to craft an unconventional story, be it in The Ring or the Pirates of the Caribbean series. In Cure, the director doesn’t pull any punches in blending realism and fantasy. The story we follow feels very true to our world; however, Verbinski creates an atmosphere that is very outside our realm. Surrealism aside, the story eventually morphs into a gothic fairy tale of sorts, with Verbinski completely succeeding in immersing his audience in his dour vision.


Tune in to our podcast to find out what we really thought about this smart and darkly beautiful film. And as always, thanks for listening! If you would like to support us, please take a quick moment to like us on our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter), and remember to rate and review us on iTunes. You can also become a patron here, or buy some cool merch designed by our very own Andrew Gimetzco at places like these: RedBubble, Society 6, Tee Public, Threadless.



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