The film: Mulholland Dr.

The guest: Justin Lore


I LOVE TWIN PEAKS. I probably won’t discuss Twin Peaks: Fire
Walk With Me
on this podcast, as it’s a film continuation/prequel to the show. And though we’ve discussed another film that is said to be in the same universe as Twin Peaks, Lost Highway, it is Mulholland Dr. that began its life expressly as a spin-off of the show. And, as such, is the closest I’ll ever get to talking at length about Twin Peaks.

twin peaks
My life’s goal is to be like one of these men…

It seems that David Lynch just can’t shake various themes that run throughout his works. The Lawfully Good and/or naive lead character, dream logic, seedy underbelly of otherwise wholesome (or at least, non-threatening) towns and cities, döppelgangers, and quirky humor. These are all things that are found in most of Lynch’s work, and Mulholland Dr. is no exception.

Just wait til the end, Betty.

The story initially centers on Betty (Naomi Watts), an idealistic young woman, having just arrived in the City of Angels. With big dreams of being a star actress, and the sparkle and wonder of all the possibilities that may come her way, she, instead, almost finds herself in a bit of a Nancy Drew type mystery. She attempts to unravel the identity of an amnesiac woman (Laura Harring) whom she meets quite strangely.  Still, this is just so straight forward, isn’t it?

oh, things get strange alright!

Yes and no. Seemingly important characters and moments are mysteriously touched upon, but rarely furthered. Yet, they still seem relevant and symbolic of something that serves the whole of this film. Included are the men at the diner who discuss a dream about a hideous hobo, the executive producers who violently disapprove of their espresso, the film director that will have NONE OF IT, and the Cowboy who says he WILL. There’s the bumbling hitman, the midwest tourists with hideously frozen grins, the little man with a telephone giving orders (who is he?), the little blue box, Billy Ray Cyrus…you know, all kindsa weird stuff.

the cowboy - mulholland dr.
weirdest. cowboy. ever.

Here to help unravel the mystery is the doggiest of dudes that I know, Justin Lore of the fantastic podcast Horror Business (LISTEN TO IT!). This is a rather rewarding episode, in my opinion, but it helps if you’ve seen this film, so as usual, I suggest you watch it, Duh.



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