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It’s almost Halloween, and this month’s themed ipsy bag was EVERYTHING FOR ME. They really stole my heart this month.

ezgif-3555437020First, the makeup bag is adorable. It is a light shade of an almost-metallic pink with little Halloween-themed characters and drawings on the outside. I’m probably going to use it as a clutch this weekend.

This bag came with items I now love, and I’m so ecstatic. You mean, I finally have a black eyeliner I can maneuver with ease? YASSSS! Let’s jump right in!

Item 1: Beaute Basics eyeshadow (Satin Taupe) ($6.99)

This shadow is something I didn’t know I was missing. It’s a sort of a shimmery purple shade, and I have been using it to create a natural-looking smokey eye. I have also been using it every day for work-friendly looks. It’s a beautiful, neutral shade that is creamy and blends evenly. The price isn’t bad, either, for the punch it packs. Totally recommend.

ezgif-2478494347Item 2: Lottie London- Perfectly Precise Small Eyeshadow Brush ($14)

This is a great little smudge brush. I have been using it with the Beaute Basics shadow to smoke out my water line. I love that the tips of the bristles are pink to match the handle of the brush. I can never have too many brushes. I squealed with joy when I saw it in the bag.

Item 3: Sarah Jessica Parker: Lovely Perfume Rollerball ($12)

This one was…interesting. At first I thought I didn’t like this perfume, but now it has grown on me. Rollerball perfumes are not my favorite, but you have to admit they are easy to carry around. The scent is clean and fresh, and I have found myself leaning more towards perfumes that are light and airy. I’m going to keep using until I don’t like it. For now, it gets two thumbs up.


Item 4: The Balm Shadow/Blush: Hot Mama! (Sample Size) (estimated $1.44)

I’ve always wanted to try The Balm products. Their packaging is so quirky and fun. I was very impressed with this pinky-orange shadow. It’s close to being a sheer, highlight shade. I also love that it can be used as a blush as well. I have been using this color to blend out my edges when I use the Satin Taupe shade, and they work so well together. It also gives off a perfect Halloween vibe with the orange/purple shades.

Item 5: Ciate London Fierce Flicks (Full Size) ($20)

THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE LIQUID EYELINER. This liner is black, has a felt tip, and is so easy to use. I ruin all wings that I attempt to do, and it doesn’t matter what applicator I use. I have hooded lids, so when I use liner it usually ends up smeared on my eyelid. Thanks to this product, I don’t have that issue anymore. After you apply the liner and it dries, it is smudge proof. The only drawback is this product is not waterproof, for people who find that necessary. This product gets 5 stars. You need it. Now.

This month’s bag was worth over $55, and I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of all products and the makeup bag. Each month is getting better and better, and for $10 a month it’s worth it (for now). If you are interested in subscribing to ipsy, click here.

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