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Protomartyr in the Valley

  Protomartyr is the band that we needed. The same way we needed Iggy or Joey. Generations need music that can be played as they...

Up The Krux!!

In the middle of the night you wake up. Sweating and with blood dripping from your nose. You have no recollection of what happened...

Why Miniature Tigers Love McAllen

Interview with Miniature Tigers prior to their Galax Z Fair 3 appearance.

Perfect Pussy talk Music, Food, and Wrestling

This past week I had a chance to chat with Meredith and Ray from Perfect Pussy about music, food, wrestling and everything in between.

Twin Shadow: A love Story.

Blessed are the forgetful.   "I think we're gonna be so close." These words ruled my life for little under three years. My fascination with the...

Mannequin pussy to make you purr this friday

When I was in the 5th grade I came up with THE GREATEST BAND NAME IN THE HISTORY OF ROCK AND ROLL. That band...