Up The Krux!!


In the middle of the night you wake up. Sweating and with blood dripping from your nose. You have no recollection of what happened the night before. Your bestfriend is sleeping on your couch and your ex girlfriend is by your side. You have a new tattoo on your chest that reads “ HURT THE ONES YOU LOVE.”  You have no clue what happened the night before.

Krux is what happened the night before.

Krux is band hailing from the 956 that plays rock and roll. Really. No gimmick, no nothing. Pure rock and roll. Loud, hard and fast.

I recently had the opportunity to speak to Krux, here’s the conversation:

ED: How did the band come to fruition?

KRUX: Nikole began writing in late 2012 and began with two friends, Fernando & Trae. We were G.M.D. at the time (only they know what the acronym entails). After a couple of months of working on a few songs, life happens and there were lineup changes. Fortunately, In April 2013, the final Kяux lineup was set and we,Gina, Will, Carmen & Nikole, began our journey to define our sound as a band and work together as musicians.

ED: Who is your biggest musical inspiration/influence?

KRUX: We could list every band and feeling that Kяux has stemmed from, but we’ll refrain. For the sake of thoughtfulness, rocknroll and the freedom/ability to write music are what influences Kяux the most. Plus, we get along really well so we believe the connection keeps us together and keeps us active as a band.

ED: Who would your dream show be played with? (Any musician living or dead)

KRUX: Deceased bands are what come to mind: CARBONAS from Atlanta, GA and CHEERLEADER 666, later known as KILL CHEERLEADER from Ontario, Canada plus Kяux on a bill would be too insane/intense/surreal and therefore will always remain a dream show.


ED: Do you think living in the valley influenced your sound, if so, how?

KRUX: Being from Texas, in general, has had an impact when it comes to some of the riffs in our songs. Sometimes it’s a mix of Texas attitude with rocknroll/punk, although we never really think about that much when writing. The challenges and beauty of living, writing music, loving and dying on the frontera affects and comes through our music, for each of us, very differently. Punk bands from the Valley that we either look up to, been members of and those that are presently active have all experienced what it’s like to be fucking treasures hidden in South Texas. The obscurity and the lack of commercial exposure in the Valley makes the talent & music (NOISE) more honest, deep & genuine.

ED: You seem to have a very *raw* approach towards live shows. How do you feel the live performances differ from the krux recording?

KRUX: Our EP recording is very clean and exemplifies the sound we produce when there’s not any feedback, outside noise and no mistakes. It’s a killer recording (done by Arnold, THREAT TO SOCIETY Recordings) which we are extremely proud of and have had a great time sharing it with others. Live, we are definitely raw & rough compared to our EP. We don’t aim to be perfect, we aim to be real. Those that have seen us have experienced our ambiance and our personality as a band in the way we interact with each other, the bends, the feedback, the growls, the whatever… With that being said, we are releasing some live recorded tracks which definitely capture the essence of Kяux in real time.

ED: What has been your favorite show to play!? why?

KRUX: August 29, 2013–Our first show is always going to be the most memorable show we played as a band. We played alongside FÖRFALL, who debuted as well, T.R.L. & Babosos del Valle at Simon Sez in McAllen, Texas. The place was packed, the adrenaline was severe and it was awesome to play for our friends and supporters for the first time.

ED: Your band’s stickers say “En pinche McAllen ya no hay hombres de verdad.”  Not a question, it just rules.

KRUX: Yeah, definitely! Thank you to Roberto (ERROR) for the artwork. ERROR is a beyond killer artist from Barcelona, Spain who has been supportive of Kяux throughout our time together. The artwork is his interpretation of Kяux, our environment and our determination as individuals. “SALVAME DE ESTE INFIERNO EN LA TIERRA” ┼

Listen to krux here :  kruxrnr.bandcamp.com

Make sure you catch Krux March 28th along with local beauties Pinky Swear and San Antonio’s FEA!!!


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