the Film: the Neon Demon

the Guest: Elbee!


If any of you have been following the trail of information about myself that I reveal through my various podcasts, one thing is certain: I’m all about FASHION (turn to the left!). After all, a major source of my income is from my ‘high-end’ pop-culture t-shirt designs. That’s fashion, right?  Well, here we decided to tackle one of the most rewarding re-watch weirdo movies I’ve seen in a long time, 2016’s The Neon Demon.


My guest on this show is my wife and host of Vincent Price’s Laugh, Elbee. And while we could have just recorded the show for that podcast, (as you’ll hear at the beginning of this one, I get a bit confused for about one second), I needed an episode to finish off the year over here, and what better film to dig into than The Neon Demon?


When The Neon Demon was released into cinemas earlier this year, we made an attempt to see it – only to find that it was only playing locally one week, and we missed it! But alas, we watched this beautiful and challenging horror film, and could not be more intrigued by it. And we are indeed intrigued!


The story is simple enough. A young small town girl heads to Los Angeles to make her way in the fashion industry as a model. Along the way, she becomes prey for all kinds of nefarious ne’re-do-wells – be they jealous fellow models, exploitative industry insiders, or a slime-ball motel manager. It’s something of a cautionary story: a modern fairy tale. But it is definitely a horror movie. Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn and starring Elle Fanning, Keanu Reeves, Christina Hendricks, and Desmond Harrington, The Neon Demon is a strange and challenging film, indeed.


Listen as we dig deep and examine the beauty and horror of The Neon Demon.



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