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Happy Holidays, Monster Creeps!

So, you may be thinking: Elbee, this is the Christmas episode of VPL. Why in the Peace-on-Earth-and-Goodwill-Towards-Men are you talking about a most-decidedly un-Christmas movie like Crimson Peak?

titlepageI’ll tell you! There is a long-standing – however, partially forgotten – tradition of telling ghost stories on Christmas Eve – dating as far back as the 16th century. The image of friends and loved ones gathered around a warm fire telling chilling tales to frighten one another isn’t just for Halloween! From Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol in 1843 to Washington Irving’s “Old Christmas” in 1886 to even as modern as the BBC’s A Ghost Story For Christmas series in the 1970s, ghosts and Christmas just mix.

And, Crimson Peak is one of those perfect ghost stories. It’s a beautiful gothic romance – a straight throwback to a work along the same caliber of a Wuthering Heights or a Jane Eyre – a story of melancholy and loss, with the ghosts serving as a scary reminder of past transgressions. And guided by Guillermo del Toro’s incomparable vision, the film achieves every goal it set out to.

Gorgeous and creepy home to Thomas and Lucille in Crimson Peak!

Look at that hand! Exceptional monster performance by Doug Jones!

Striking visual compositions all over this film! Mia Wasikowska is the perfect gothic heroine!


Check out what we thought about Crimson Peak and learn a bit more about Christmas ghosts on this week’s episode! As always, thank you for listening, and don’t forget to like, rate, subscribe, and review! Have a lovely holiday, everyone!


  1. I want to live in Crimson Peak, too. Love this film and your excellent discussion. Wish you would have gone more into Edith, a wonderful character, the beating heart of the film.


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